Lookout® Premium Mobile Security

Boost Protect and Boost Protect with AppleCare Services subscribers have a great way to protect their identity, data, and privacy. Boost Mobile has partnered up with Lookout to offer its subscribers the Lookout® Premium mobile security app for no additional cost.

Regularly $2.99 a month for one device without Boost Protect or Boost Protect with Apple Care Services enrollment, Lookout® Premium is a comprehensive mobile security app that protects your smartphone and its data from digital threats.*

How to get it?

  • Lookout® Premium is included at no cost for Boost Protect subscribers.
  • To activate, look for a text from Boost shortly after enrollment with a unique link and code to activate your Lookout subscription.
  • If you’ve misplaced this text, call Boost customer care to request a new one.
  • The link will prompt you to download the Lookout® Premium app from Google Play or Apple App Store
  • After downloading and creating an account, your protection will be activated!

Lost your phone?

Log in to find your phone or use other security features. Tracking a phone has never been so simple.

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Advanced Security to Stay Ahead of Digital Threats

Safe Browsing – Protects against malicious websites to enable users to confidently surf the web and click links in email, text and social media safely.

Data Breach Protection - Notifies the user when a company or service they use has been breached and provides simple instructions to help resolve the issue and ensure that personal data is safe.

Missing Device and Theft Protection - Protects against theft by monitoring the device for key indicators – when detected, the user receives an email with the location and a photo of the person using it.

Signal Flare® - Saves a device’s last known location before battery dies.

Locate, Lock & Wipe - Pinpoints the exact location of the user’s device if it is lost or stolen and enables the user to remotely lock the device or wipe the data to ensure sensitive information isn’t stolen**.

*Lookout® Premium Mobile Security must be downloaded. Lookout® Premium Mobile Security is not an insurance product or a service contract and is separate from Boost Protect and Boost Protect with AppleCare Services products. Lookout is solely responsible for the Lookout® Premium Mobile Security Application.

** Feature available for Android devices only.